Upcoming Events

PHOTO CAPTION: Genealogist Henrietta Christmas, President of NM Genealogical Society, shares information on The Baca Family lineage and history to conference participants.  

Find us around New Mexico at the following events.

Friday, January 24, 2020     Santa Fe Community College – Nursing Program, 10 am. to                                                         12 p.m., Santa Fe, NM

March 2020     TBA               UNM/CNM Community Health Workers Academy,                                                                         Albuquerque, NM

April 2020        TBA               Northern New Mexico College, Nursing Program,                                                                         Espanola, NM

May 2, 2020                            2nd ANNUAL REGIONAL CONFERENCE, Alcalde, NM

October 2020 TBA                 El Camino Real Trade Fair, Guiterrez Hubbel House,                                                                    Albuquerque, NM


Pre-Conference Readiness

If you are planning on registering for one of our conferences you can speed up the process for DNA testing by submitting your Family Tree ahead of time. The Family Tree template can be downloaded under “Resources.” Fill it out on the family side where you believe you have a Baca family member. Scan and return to us via email to nchavez@angioma.org. Please indicate in the subject of the email which conference you plan to attend. If you are a direct descendant of Cristobal Baca II and Ana Lara you will be contacted by our genealogist, Joyce Gonzales. Please email or call us at 505-450-5902 for further questions.

DNA Testing (Costs/Fees)

We will provide free DNA TESTING to participants who are first degree relatives (parents, siblings, children) of an individual already identified as having a CCM1 Common Hispanic mutation.

The following will receive subsidized testing for $100 (our cost is $175). If your test is positive, your fee will be refunded.

1) Your father’s surname or your mother’s maiden name was C’de Baca (research indicates that Luis Maria Cabeza de Baca born in 1754 had CCM1 & 23 children)

2) Your genealogy verifies that you are a direct descendant of specific grandchildren of Cristobal Baca & Ana Moreno de Lara (we offer assistance with your family genealogy).

3) Your father’s surname or your mother’s maiden name was Apodaca, Aragon, Armijo, Baca, Barela/Varela, Campos, Casaus/Casados, Gonzales, Espinosa/Espinoza, Lopez, Lucero, Martinez, Padilla, Ribera/Rivera, Sais/Saiz, Silva, or Vigil (other surnames will be added as research continues)

4) Your family currently lives or originated out any of these areas:

-Pena Blanca, Puerto de Luna, Santa Rosa, Casa Colorado, Sabinal, Las Vegas, or any other Northern NM villages, towns, or cities

-Southern Colorado

-Chihuahua, and/or Sonora, Mexico

5) Your Family has a history of focal seizures, aneurysms, strokes or stroke-like symptoms

If we cannot verify your family tree and you do not meet any of the other criteria but you still believe you are related and/or feel you need to be tested, you can be tested by paying $175 (at cost to us). If you are found to be positive, your fee will be refunded.


If you would like to schedule BFHP to come to your area for a presentation and on-site testing or if you’d like more information, please reach us using our Contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.