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In January of 2017, Angioma Alliance launched the Baca Family Historical Project. The Project has been dedicated to identifying and supporting individuals in New Mexico who have a genetic form of cerebral cavernous malformations (CCM).

CCM is a blood vessel illness that causes hemorrhages in the brain and spinal cord, at any age, sometimes with devastating effects, such as stroke, seizure, neurological deficits, and even death.

New Mexico is the state with the largest population of families affected by the genetic form of CCM in the world; its origins can be traced back fourteen generations to early settlers of New Mexico.

At least 14 subsequent generations of the Baca family have passed down the mutation, and it is now found in many New Mexican Hispanics including the Silva, Rivera, Saiz/Sais, Martinez, Espinoza, Pino, Campos, Luna, Gonzales, Ortiz, Quintana, Lucero, Garcia, Romero, Aragon, Apodaca, Sanchez, Vigil, Gurule, Chavez, Lopez, Chacon, Alarid, and Montoya family lines.

The identification and diagnosis of families in New Mexico who have the defective CCM gene will empower them to make informed decisions about their medical care and help them live a fuller life after they are diagnosed.

Angioma Alliance seeks funding for outreach efforts and to identify individuals who have inherited the genetic form of CCM in New Mexico and provide them with resources after their diagnosis.

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Angioma Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit patient advocacy and research organization whose mission is to inform, support and empower individuals affected by cavernous angioma and drive research for better treatments and a cure.

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