Cristobal Baca & Ana Ortiz History

In 1600 Capitan Cristobal Baca, his wife Ana Maria Ortiz and their family came to New Mexico as reinforcement with Don Diego de Vargas for the newly established colony brought by Juan de Onate in 1598.

This couple was the progenitors of the Baca & C’de Baca Families living New Mexico and the Southwest today.

spanish woman costume

Well established New Mexican families and the Baca and C’de Baca are some of the families who can trace their ancestry back to Cristobal Baca, one of New Mexico’s first settlers.

Aguirre, Aragon, Apodaca, Armijo, Baca, Campos, C’ de Baca, Chacon, Chavez, Contreras, Delgado, Gallegos, Gonzales, Espinoza, Luna, Martinez, Mondragon, Olguin, Ortiz, Padilla, Pino, Quintana, Romero, Silva, Valdez, Velasquez, Vigil

“Along with the new tools and animals such as horses brought by the Spaniards to the new world came other more quiet, unseen, and unknown contributions such as disease and genetic mutations.

The Spanish brought with them smallpox and measles which nearly decimated the native American populations from Mexico northward, up through the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro into what is now New Mexico.” (New York Times, September 2007).