Free CCM1 Testing

CCM1 genetic swab testing currently available through Angioma Alliance:

1.  Free testing

Available to those who are a direct descendant from the children in generation 3 of Manuel Baca and/or his sister Juana “la vieja” Baca

2)     Testing at $175*

You descend directly from any other of Manuel’s or Juana’s children or siblings.*
You would like to be tested while attending a workshop on The Baca Family Historical Project, but are not direct descends of Manuel or Juana Baca in generation 1.

3)    Testing at $250*

If you would like to do the swab testing at home and through the mail, you may do so testing under any circumstances.

4)   Free Testing though UNMH  CCM1 Study

If you are positive for CCM1, your siblings and/or children may be eligible for free testing through the UNMH CCM1 study. Contact: Dr. Atif Zafar at 505-272-3342.

*If you pay for testing and get a positive result, your test cost will be reimbursed. Your positive result may help us identify new family lines with CCM1.  The consequences for families could life changing.

For more information contact Joyce Gonzales (505) 473-1622 or Nora Chavez (505) 450-5902 with the Baca Family Historical Project.